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Low Impact Paintball – Introducing THE revolutionary all-new paintball experience for players looking for the excitement of traditional paintball with equipment specially engineered to reduce velocity and deliver light impacts.  Utilizing light-weight materials and paintballs that are smaller and slower, Low Impact allows players to maneuver and play with confidence without sacrificing the experience of paintball.  Low Impact Paintball is perfect for kids, corporate outings, and beginner players who may be hesitant.


Try paintball for the first time at a level that provides BIG FUN and LOW IMPACT.
Low Impact Paintball Packages offer paintball fun for all ages. Less sting and more fun leaves children and adults coming back for more paintball action!



Low Impact Paintballs travel less than 83% the speed of traditional paintballs, lessening the sting, and creating a more enjoyable paintball experience for the individual being hit.



Low Impact paintballs are .50 caliber, 77% the size of traditional .68 caliber paintballs. When being struck with the Low Impact paintballs, smaller size equals less pain.



Its simple physics, a smaller paintball, traveling at a slower speed will create less energy upon impact. 67% less energy to be exact, you don’t need Newton to tell you less pain equals more fun.



Perfect for parties of all ages, Low Impact Paintball is rapidly growing across the globe, and that just for one simple reason; IT’S FUN! So now there is no reason for anyone not to come out and enjoy the sport of paintball.